For the Love of a King

I am preparing to publish the first novella of the world of Ayrith. I’ll post more information as soon as it’s ready.

I will also be pulling Tryrayl’s story from Smashwords. I will be rewriting it and publishing it in a collection of stories about other rulers.

Some Writing Music

I really, really love listening to Faun when I write. I don’t speak German, but that’s probably a benefit in this case because I’m not distracted by the lyrics. The music is still amazing and some of my favorite.

A Blog?

It seems odd that I’ve created a blog basically for the blog where I post my stories, but this is a much better way to keep readers updated on things. It’s also easier to interact with me this way, I think.

Here I’ll be posting publishing updates and giving you insights into my writing process.

Also, can you tell what my favorite blog theme is yet?