Out Now: Curse of Blades, Book 1

Premade Exclusive Book Cover 1002 Ebook.jpgThe first book in my Curse of Blades series is now available from Amazon (other sellers and formats coming soon!).

Curse of Blades is the story of Coulta, a cursed assassin tasked with killing one of the most important men in the country of Phelin, and what happens next.

Here is the official blurb:

Coulta was born with a curse, one that forces him to obey the commands of those with authority over him. At only five years old, his father gives him up into service of a powerful lord, hoping to give Coulta a better life. But it was a mistake. Varin turns Coulta into an assassin, someone who can’t stop himself from killing even the most innocent person he was commanded to murder. Despite the pain of a life out of his control, Coulta does have hope; hope that he will one day meet the person his mother claimed would free him of his curse.

Wildas is the Crown Prince of Phelin. He has known nothing but luxury and comfort, not the pain and suffering of a cursed killer. He has no idea that his life is in danger, that assassins are lurking in the shadows of the next city he will visit on behalf of the Crown. Nor does he know that his very soul is tied to one of those assassins, a tie that not even death could ever break.

Anil lost her entire family to a winter illness and has asked herself time and again why she alone was spared. Only the chance encounter with two mysterious men will answer that question for her.

Myri is a healer in a small village. She never expected to be healing the Crown Prince himself after a dangerous encounter with an assassin. Can she truly save him? Or is danger shadowing their every move?