Now Available: Curse of Blades, Book 2

Premade Exclusive Book Cover 1002 Book 2 EbookNow available from Amazon, Curse of Blades: Book 2!

The next installment in the story of Coulta, Wildas, Anil, and Myri is finally here!

Blurb: Coulta has helped bring Wildas, Crown Prince of Phelin, home to the capital of Ryal. As the prince’s new protector he is charged with Wildas’s safety while the threat of war looms like a shadow over Ryal and assassins search for them. His curse binds him to his duty even as his own life is put in danger to protect the prince, and it’s a curse he knows he will never live without.

Wildas longs to give Coulta a better life than what he is used to, but all he can do is offer friendship and respect to the best of his ability – and pray that Coulta never sacrifices his life to save Wildas’s. And all he can give to Myri the healer and Anil the horsemistress, the others who helped bring him safely home, are new jobs while they wait on news of the homes and loved ones they left behind.

But Ryal is no longer the safest place to live and royalty not the safest friends to have when others are planning on the absolute destruction of the royal family.

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