Now Available: Curse of Blades, Book 3

Premade Exclusive Book Cover 1002 gold EbookYou can now buy the third part of Curse of Blades on Amazon.

Description: Life has changed drastically for Coulta, Anil, and Myri. They have all been brought to Ryal, the capital of Phelin, in the service of Crown Prince Wildas. Anil has started working in the royal stables while Myri works with the castle healers. Coulta is now the prince’s personal protector, charged with keeping Wildas safe from all harm. And now things are bound to change even more as they all prepare to become Wildas’s spouses.

But their happily ever after will have to wait. War threatens to tear the country apart and a shadow looms over the castle itself. When the storm finally breaks it will leave them and the country deeply wounded. They all must be prepared to take up their new roles – before something worse appears on the horizon.

So what’s next?

This completes the Curse of Blades serial, but the story isn’t over. The sequel, King of Blades, will also be published in serial, beginning in October. There will also be a Books 1-3 version for each serial in the future. That will also be when they are released in paperback. Along with this, there will be updated and corrected editions published in place of the first editions of all parts of the story and For the Love of a King.