King is Finally Available!

Custom Book Cover Ryder 1 Draft 1Well, it was a tough fight with Amazon (again). I struggled to get the final version of King uploaded before the cutoff time. The site just wouldn’t upload it. I don’t know if it was my computer or the website, but by the time Amazon’s “customer service” responded to my request for help of some kind, it was past the time when I could upload the final version for the pre-order. And they refused to do anything to help me. They claimed it was my fault and nothing was wrong with the Kindle site.

Needless to say, if I could afford to not sell my books via Amazon, I sure would. But they are like Walmart, a giant, evil corporation that no author can hope to survive without. I’m also struggling to format properly for Smashwords, so any hope I have of making enough to supplement my full-time job income will have to come from Amazon for now.

If you want to purchase King, it is currently available via Kindle Unlimited. Yes, Smashwords and the other markets it distributes to are coming, I promise. For now, though, Amazon is where I’m stuck until I can get OpenOffice table of contents formatting right.

Thank you everyone!