King is Finally Available!

Custom Book Cover Ryder 1 Draft 1Well, it was a tough fight with Amazon (again). I struggled to get the final version of King uploaded before the cutoff time. The site just wouldn’t upload it. I don’t know if it was my computer or the website, but by the time Amazon’s “customer service” responded to my request for help of some kind, it was past the time when I could upload the final version for the pre-order. And they refused to do anything to help me. They claimed it was my fault and nothing was wrong with the Kindle site.

Needless to say, if I could afford to not sell my books via Amazon, I sure would. But they are like Walmart, a giant, evil corporation that no author can hope to survive without. I’m also struggling to format properly for Smashwords, so any hope I have of making enough to supplement my full-time job income will have to come from Amazon for now.

If you want to purchase King, it is currently available via Kindle Unlimited. Yes, Smashwords and the other markets it distributes to are coming, I promise. For now, though, Amazon is where I’m stuck until I can get OpenOffice table of contents formatting right.

Thank you everyone!

Re-release News

Premade Exclusive Book Cover 1002 Blue EbookFinally!

For the Love of a King is now available for $0.99 on both Amazon and Smashwords. The paperback is also available through Amazon for $5.99. I’m not sure how long I will keep it at $0.99, if long-term or just for a while before putting it at $1.99. It is pretty darn short, so it may stay low for a while.

Curse of Blades is also now available for pre-order on Amazon and Smashwords! I plan to release it on June 1st, but I set the date online at June 15th because I’m still doing the final proofreading edit before the manuscript is ready to go. It will be ready before the first, but not before Amazon’s deadline of ten days before release. So don’t be surprised if you pre-order and your book comes early!

Also, if you do pre-order Curse, you’ll be getting it for $1 less than the price it will be once it’s released!

Once Curse is up, I’ll be getting the pre-order for King ready. Amazon’s maximum timeframe is 90 days, so expect that later this summer!

Wattpad Update

Unfortunately I will no longer be uploading new material for free on Wattpad. What is there will remain there, but I won’t be adding King of Blades or any other future works to the site.

It isn’t just because everyone wants to read the books for free and are not interested in purchasing the polished versions. Yes, that does make things difficult as I am publishing the books I write so I have a bit of extra money to pay those pesky bills that go along with being a human in today’s society. But I also write in other genres under other names, so I wasn’t completely concerned.

The main issue is Amazon. While working on updating and re-releasing a more finely edited version of For the Love of a King, Amazon accused me of stealing my own work twice. Because the story was “freely available online” they pulled Love from the production process both during paperback production on Createspace and ebook publication on Kindle Direct Publishing. I was sent emails both times telling me I needed to follow a series of steps to prove I had the right to publish the title.

Now, I understand why Amazon is doing this. They have clearly been dealing with issues of stolen works because their self-publishing system is so simple. This causes them headaches because authors start to distrust their platform for letting so much plagiarism through the gates. So they are trying to avoid those problems by vetting book uploads against internet-combing bots. It does make me feel better as a writer.

However, it is a major waste of my time when I have to submit a book two or three times and explain that I am indeed the same person as the one who posted the story online for free. Quite honestly, I’m already tired of it, and I haven’t even gotten to that stage with Curse of Blades yet.

So, unfortunately, it’s time to stop with Wattpad. My apologies to those who follow me there and were hoping for King of Blades to be uploaded. Amazon ruins everything.

Anyway, here’s a writing song of mine.

Updates on Things

After much consideration I have decided that I’m not happy at all with the way Curse of Blades turned out after being divided into three parts. Because of this, I will be releasing the sequel, King of Blades, as a single volume instead of in serial as I had planned. I will also be re-releasing Curse in one volume as well, once I have put it back together and re-edited it.

I also plan to release a better edited second edition of For the Love of a King.

All three releases will happen early next year. I apologize for the wait but I want to make these books as good as possible before asking readers to pay money for them.