Wattpad Update

Unfortunately I will no longer be uploading new material for free on Wattpad. What is there will remain there, but I won’t be adding King of Blades or any other future works to the site.

It isn’t just because everyone wants to read the books for free and are not interested in purchasing the polished versions. Yes, that does make things difficult as I am publishing the books I write so I have a bit of extra money to pay those pesky bills that go along with being a human in today’s society. But I also write in other genres under other names, so I wasn’t completely concerned.

The main issue is Amazon. While working on updating and re-releasing a more finely edited version of For the Love of a King, Amazon accused me of stealing my own work twice. Because the story was “freely available online” they pulled Love from the production process both during paperback production on Createspace and ebook publication on Kindle Direct Publishing. I was sent emails both times telling me I needed to follow a series of steps to prove I had the right to publish the title.

Now, I understand why Amazon is doing this. They have clearly been dealing with issues of stolen works because their self-publishing system is so simple. This causes them headaches because authors start to distrust their platform for letting so much plagiarism through the gates. So they are trying to avoid those problems by vetting book uploads against internet-combing bots. It does make me feel better as a writer.

However, it is a major waste of my time when I have to submit a book two or three times and explain that I am indeed the same person as the one who posted the story online for free. Quite honestly, I’m already tired of it, and I haven’t even gotten to that stage with Curse of Blades yet.

So, unfortunately, it’s time to stop with Wattpad. My apologies to those who follow me there and were hoping for King of Blades to be uploaded. Amazon ruins everything.

Anyway, here’s a writing song of mine.

Here’s What’s Up

I’ve been off the grid for a while. It started with working on a project under another pen name, then I got into a period of health issues that slowed me down quite a bit. I am working slowly but surely on my writing, I promise. There’s just been a little, much-needed change.

I’m currently working on a new project! As soon as I finish the rough draft I’ll be going back to editing Curse and King so I can get those out. It shouldn’t be too long, because this new project is a novella, not a hefty novel like Curse or King will be. By the end of May I should be back into Curse.

It will be July or August before I get the re-edited version out. I won’t be pushing myself too hard, simply because my “real job” is stressful and adding the stress of self-imposed, demanding deadlines would be unwise from a mental health standpoint.

I hope to get King out by the end of the year.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading my books and supporting me on Wattpad, too. I’m going to be setting up a Patreon page soon as well, in case anyone is interested in supporting me there. The goal is to keep myself moving forward with my writing so that someday it can be a true career.

I feel I should leave you again with another song newly added to my writing soundtrack.

Long Overdue Check-In

Things have been pretty out of control where life is concerned lately and I apologize for the lack of updates.

I have been working on putting the three parts of Curse of Blades back into one piece because I wasn’t happy with how the serial format worked out. Unfortunately I expected it to go much faster, but it seems I forgot how long the original piece was. Because of the unpredictability of life lately I haven’t been pushing myself to work on this faster as I don’t want to end up making mistakes or putting out something horrible in general, but the complete version will be available in ebook and print by the end of February.

Then I will be moving on to the next book, which is currently in a complete – though very rough – draft form.

Here is a song I am currently obsessed with, to try to make it up to you a little bit.

Some Writing Music

I really, really love listening to Faun when I write. I don’t speak German, but that’s probably a benefit in this case because I’m not distracted by the lyrics. The music is still amazing and some of my favorite.