Updates on Things

After much consideration I have decided that I’m not happy at all with the way Curse of Blades turned out after being divided into three parts. Because of this, I will be releasing the sequel, King of Blades, as a single volume instead of in serial as I had planned. I will also be re-releasing Curse in one volume as well, once I have put it back together and re-edited it.

I also plan to release a better edited second edition of For the Love of a King.

All three releases will happen early next year. I apologize for the wait but I want to make these books as good as possible before asking readers to pay money for them.

Now Available: Curse of Blades, Book 3

Premade Exclusive Book Cover 1002 gold EbookYou can now buy the third part of Curse of Blades on Amazon.

Description: Life has changed drastically for Coulta, Anil, and Myri. They have all been brought to Ryal, the capital of Phelin, in the service of Crown Prince Wildas. Anil has started working in the royal stables while Myri works with the castle healers. Coulta is now the prince’s personal protector, charged with keeping Wildas safe from all harm. And now things are bound to change even more as they all prepare to become Wildas’s spouses.

But their happily ever after will have to wait. War threatens to tear the country apart and a shadow looms over the castle itself. When the storm finally breaks it will leave them and the country deeply wounded. They all must be prepared to take up their new roles – before something worse appears on the horizon.

So what’s next?

This completes the Curse of Blades serial, but the story isn’t over. The sequel, King of Blades, will also be published in serial, beginning in October. There will also be a Books 1-3 version for each serial in the future. That will also be when they are released in paperback. Along with this, there will be updated and corrected editions published in place of the first editions of all parts of the story and For the Love of a King.

Now Available: Curse of Blades, Book 2

Premade Exclusive Book Cover 1002 Book 2 EbookNow available from Amazon, Curse of Blades: Book 2!

The next installment in the story of Coulta, Wildas, Anil, and Myri is finally here!

Blurb: Coulta has helped bring Wildas, Crown Prince of Phelin, home to the capital of Ryal. As the prince’s new protector he is charged with Wildas’s safety while the threat of war looms like a shadow over Ryal and assassins search for them. His curse binds him to his duty even as his own life is put in danger to protect the prince, and it’s a curse he knows he will never live without.

Wildas longs to give Coulta a better life than what he is used to, but all he can do is offer friendship and respect to the best of his ability – and pray that Coulta never sacrifices his life to save Wildas’s. And all he can give to Myri the healer and Anil the horsemistress, the others who helped bring him safely home, are new jobs while they wait on news of the homes and loved ones they left behind.

But Ryal is no longer the safest place to live and royalty not the safest friends to have when others are planning on the absolute destruction of the royal family.

Out Now: Curse of Blades, Book 1

Premade Exclusive Book Cover 1002 Ebook.jpgThe first book in my Curse of Blades series is now available from Amazon (other sellers and formats coming soon!).

Curse of Blades is the story of Coulta, a cursed assassin tasked with killing one of the most important men in the country of Phelin, and what happens next.

Here is the official blurb:

Coulta was born with a curse, one that forces him to obey the commands of those with authority over him. At only five years old, his father gives him up into service of a powerful lord, hoping to give Coulta a better life. But it was a mistake. Varin turns Coulta into an assassin, someone who can’t stop himself from killing even the most innocent person he was commanded to murder. Despite the pain of a life out of his control, Coulta does have hope; hope that he will one day meet the person his mother claimed would free him of his curse.

Wildas is the Crown Prince of Phelin. He has known nothing but luxury and comfort, not the pain and suffering of a cursed killer. He has no idea that his life is in danger, that assassins are lurking in the shadows of the next city he will visit on behalf of the Crown. Nor does he know that his very soul is tied to one of those assassins, a tie that not even death could ever break.

Anil lost her entire family to a winter illness and has asked herself time and again why she alone was spared. Only the chance encounter with two mysterious men will answer that question for her.

Myri is a healer in a small village. She never expected to be healing the Crown Prince himself after a dangerous encounter with an assassin. Can she truly save him? Or is danger shadowing their every move?


I wanted to let everyone know that I have been working hard on getting the next book ready for publication. Unfortunately I also have been working at a new full time job, so I only have so many hours a week to write or edit.

I’m shooting for a mid-December release, but I’ll have a more firm date in the next week or so.

Also, For the Love of a King will be available in more places than Amazon soon. I went for the KDP Select distribution for starters to see how that worked. Once the 90 days runs out, I’ll be able to publish it everywhere else. I also plan on a paperback edition!