The Music of Ayrith

What do I listen to when I write?

Mostly I like to listen to instrumental songs or ones in foreign languages. Not being able to really understand the full meaning of the lyrics somehow helps me focus and not sing along instead. I do have a few English bands on the list, though.

The following links take you to YouTube searches. Basically anything that turns up is what I routinely listen to. Browse as your heart desires.

First, there’s this really epic soundtrack music from Two Steps From Hell. Unlike other artists it seems that they don’t just put out music when it’s attached to a movie or show, they make albums for fans to buy. I’ve heard their songs on TV shows and commercials before, and end up humming along no matter the context.

I just discovered Antti Martikainen recently and am blown away by the amazing music. It’s instrumental Celtic music, but similar to Two Steps From Hell in that it’s on the “epic” scale.

Then we have Faun. They’re a really cool German band that does celtic music. They even have traditional instruments, along with modern ones. Their music ranges from beautiful to haunting to songs you could dance to. They’re just awesome.

Oonagh is similar to Faun, but most of her songs actually have chorus verses in the language of Tolkien’s elves. The music has a more modern feel but with those elfish choruses, it’s especially magical.

Sometimes I like to listen to some Mediaeval Baebes. Most of their songs are Old English or Latin.

Nightwish is the band that has seen me through this journey since the beginning. No matter which singer, I always love their music. I discovered them when I was in high school, when I had just started writing.

I also like select songs from Kamelot and Blind Guardian. Their music is in English, but some of their songs still work for me. They are both considered “metal” but they seem to be more orchestral in a way, a bit like Nightwish.