Writing Tools

Here you will find a list of things I use to help me write and build the world of Ayrith, and to keep myself updated on the fantasy genre. I’m sharing because I find them helpful and think others would, too.


Arcana Wiki – The main purpose of this site is to help people who are building role-playing games (RPGs), but the information is very helpful in sparking ideas that can make a fictional world feel more real. I enjoy spending time reading much of the information there. The page listing medieval-era professions has been especially helpful in adding depth to my writing.

Chaotic Shiny – This site has a huge number of generators that I find useful. Its main focus is on RPG creation, but much of it can be equally useful for writing. I use many of the generators to get my creativity flowing when I’m stuck. I don’t use things straight from the generators, though. When I find something I like I always build on it and make some changes. It’s just very helpful for getting me to think.

City Generator – I use this site with some of the Chaotic Shiny generators to help me build a better picture of some of the towns and cities my stories take place in. It’s a useful tool for helping to fill in the gaps and make things more realistic. Again, it’s also mainly for RPGs, but it’s still great for writing.

Fantasy-Faction – This is a fantasy news site, more or less, with book reviews, articles about writing and publishing, and other cool news.


The Book Cover Machine – This is where I get my book covers. the service is great and the artwork is amazing. Prices are also very affordable.